Innokin Filter Fan Cap

Innokin launches the innovative Filter Fan Cap

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Innokin, a leading e-cigarette device brand, announces they will launch the innovative Filter Fan Cap. 

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Innokin focuses on developing technologies that help improve lives and the Filter Fan Cap continues in this tradition. They have developed an innovatively special cap that integrates an air filter with dual electric fans into a quality cap.

The Filter Fan Cap filters and cools the air you breathe. The Filter Fan Cap filters the air and blows clean air downwards from the cap, this constant stream of clean filtered air keeps you cool.

Attach the Face-shield with the zipper and add an extra layer of important protection. The Face-shield protects the eyes and face from self-contact and droplets and is designed to help prevent infection. Face-shields are easy to wash clean and are sold separately.

The FFC is modular and offers three levels of protection, which is ideal for all kinds of real-life situations. In crowded areas such as on a subway, bus, airplane, or train, the FFC can be worn with a face shield and a quality mask. The FCC with face-shield and mask is useful in high traffic areas and can be used by service staff at gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, airports, and train stations. 

If in low-risk areas, where wearing a mask is not mandatory, the FCC can be worn with the face shield. The FFC and the face shield offer both protection and comfort; turn on the fan to circulate air down behind the shield.  

For social occasions such as eating in a restaurant, drinking in a bar, exercising in a gym, or in open areas with few people, such as on the beach, the FFC can be used without the face-shield.  

The FFC is charged via micro USB and the LED and Haptic Buzz feedback indicates when the cap is low on power and needs charging. Powered by a 2000mAh battery the dual fans will run for 5 hours on low and 3 hours on high speed.

Dr. Ivan Zhao, the creator of the Innokin FFC expresses: “I’m the head of new technology R&D and product development at Innokin Technology. The majority of my time at Innokin has been spent developing electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction technologies. The development of new products and technologies often involves teams of people vaping in order to test and improve products.

However, Covid-19 has prevented this type of testing and development due to the stringent preventive measures that workplaces have implemented. Face masks must be worn at all times and social distancing is mandatory. This has limited co-workers from meeting together and has made communication difficult. 

When researching PPE products and preventative care technologies I found photographs of health care workers wearing facial shields. Reading about the advantages of wearing face shields, and thinking about the limitations of masks at work, inspired me to create the FFC.”